• ‘Bourbon Street’ New York strip steak, marinated with bourbon and brown sugar

    A tale of two cities, our tender sirloin carefully marinated in New Orleans bourbon. Cooked to your liking

  • ‘The worlds most extravagant burger’ pure Aberdeen Angus with shaved black truffles and arugula-cornichon relish on a whole-wheat bun

  • Aged fillet mignon with shallot candy sauce

    the finest cut of tenderloin you can find, melt in the mouth with our candied shallot sauce

  • Beef bourguignon

    Traditional slow cooked beef broth flavoured with rich red burgundy, garlic and shallots, finished with pearl onions and mushrooms

  • Beef stroganoff with buttered noodles

    Sauteed steak strips served in a rich mustard, white wine, paprilka and gherkin sauce accompanied by lightly buttered noodles

  • Cottage pie with rosemary whipped potatoes

    A British classic made with the finest minced beef aged for 4 weeks, topped with our creamy mashed potatoes lightly seasoned with a hint of rosemary

  • Meat loaf with caramelised onion gravy

    Our own special recipe made with fresh ground chuck, pork, mild onions, mushrooms and herbs. Served with rich caramalised onion gravy

  • Medallions of beef diane – pan seared and finished with mushrooms and shallots in a brandy mustard sauce (can be made without alcohol)

    A classic, our angus fillet steak served with the timeless mushroom, cognac and mustard sauce

  • Seared aged fillet steak with entrecôte sauce

    From the famous Entrecôte Restaurant. Deluxe’s true secret recipe

  • Traditional English roast beef withYorkshire pudding and horseradish sauce

    Needs no introduction

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