Hot Appetisers

  • Assorted dim sum with dips

  • Breaded camembert with blackberry marmalade

    Crisp baked breaded camembert with a smooth runny centre served with tangy blackberry marmalade

  • Chicken satay with peanut sauce

    Tender chicken fillets marinded in spicy satay sauce and lightly grilled, served with satay sauce

  • Crispy aromatic duck pancakes with cucumbers, scallions and hoisin

    Pancakes tied with chives filled with crispy aromatic duck and sweet hoi sin sauce

  • Giant sauteĢed diver scallops with ginger and honey glaze on a bed of baby leaves

    The very largest scallops from Orkney sauteed then glazed with honey and ginger to perfection

  • Grilled artichoke and parmesan skewers

    Marinated artichoke hearts skewered then grilled with a parmesan glaze

  • Jumbo prawns and sage leaf wrapped in pancetta skewers

    Large tiger prawns with sage leaf and wrapped in thin pancetta then cooked till crispy

  • Macadamia crusted chicken tenders with honey mustard

    Crunchy tenders of chicken served with a honey and mustard dipping sauce

  • Marinated Moroccan chicken skewers with mint, saffron and cucumber dip

    Moist chicken breast skewers seasoned with Moroccan herbs and spices served with infused saffrom dipping sauce

  • Maryland lump crab cakes with coriander and lime mayonnaise

    The famous Maryland crab cakes made with lump crab served with cool lime and corinader mayonasie

  • Portobello mushroom topped with stilton cheese and rosemary (illustrated)

    Roasted Portobello mushroom topped with mushroom fricasse, melted stilton and rosemary sprigs

  • Sesame-crusted rare ahi tuna chunks with a wasabi mayonnaise dip

  • Severn & Wye wild smoked salmon on warm potato cake with horseradish cream

    This is a beautifully smoked salmon on a warm potato cake

  • Slider burgers with cherry tomato relish

    These neat little burgers are served with a fresh cherry tomato relish and garnish

  • Steamed or fried potstickers with a spring onion and ginger soy dip

    These dim sum can be either steamed or panfried to make ‘potstickers’

  • Steamed or pan fried dumplings with ginger and chilli soy dipping sauce

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