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Our ethos is ‘you must start with the best to ensure the best result’

The team at DeLuxe have searched the country to source the finest produce you can buy.

We have built a reputation on the quality of our produce and take pride in sourcing all of our meat and fish from the best suppliers available.

All of our organic meat and fish are fully traceable.


We source our beef from the finest Hampshire cattle. Here the cattle graze in pastures, drink pure water and come wintertime feed on barley draft from local distilleries. Our beef is hung on the bone for four weeks and the result is the tastiest, most tender beef available.

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We are renowned for our lamb. The unique taste of our Cornish lamb is due the warm climate of Launceston. Added to this, that granite composition of this soil gives rise to natural herbs to grow in lush green pastures. It’s the herbs that add the unique flavour.

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We at DeLuxe believe passionately that the veal from the UK’s organic farms is providing a higher welfare rearing system which produces ‘British rose veal’ a robust meat, pink in colour, aged for flavour and a tender bite.

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We carefully inspect all of our suppliers and most of the game dishes are dependent on season. A real treat is the venison, which is from the Royal heard at Balmoral Castle in Scotland, where it is hung in the estates own game larder.

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Fish & Seafood

We carefully choose or fresh fish suppliers for their freshness, quality and traceability, for example the line caught sea bass come to us tagged with the name of the boat and time of catching.

The wild salmon and ahi tuna fillet are always popular with customers as are the huge Canadian lobster tails. Deluxe now offers the stunning Kamchatka giant king crab legs caught in the Bering Sea.

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Our free range pork is produced in Suffolk where the natural environment is ideal, with areas of land is close to the estuary and the coast. The salty sea breeze complements the clay based soil ensuring a superior cut of pork.

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Any poultry dish can be prepared with corn fed Loire hens or free range chickens

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Halal & Kosher

We supply Halal dishes and also Kosher.