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Closed Sandwiches

Deluxe is renowned for our signature deep filled sandwiches and wraps. All produced to the highest standards with a wide array of breads and fillings to provide our customers with all possible flavour combinations (soft grain, wholemeal, sourdough, baguettes or tortilla wraps).

Open Sandwiches

The ‘open-faced sandwich’ is for most of us the traditional, old fashioned way to eat a sandwich.

Deluxe provides you with the most outstanding dining experience and brings to you the best bread and filling options for you to combine, creating some memorable ‘open-faced sandwiches’.

    • Roast chicken mayonnaise
    • Roast chicken salad
    • Tuna mayonnaise & sweetcorn
    • Coronation chicken
    • Roast turkey, stuffing & cranberry
    • Roast beef & sun blushed tomato
    • Free range egg & cress
    • Mature cheddar & Branston pickle
    • Scottish smoked salmon, cream cheese & dill
    • Thai chicken & mango chutney
    • Grilled Mediterranean vegetables & pesto
    • Chicken tikka & mint yoghurt
    • Brie & cranberry
    • Peking duck w/ hoi sin sauce
    • Prawn & Marie Rose
    • Crab, lemon & herb mayo
    • Deluxe club sandwich - Swiss cheese, roast turkey, vine tomato, shredded lettuce & mayonnaise
    • Foie gras w/ beetroot & red onion marmalade
    • Roasted scotch fillet of beef w/ horseradish cream, rocket, balsamic onion & truffle
    • Scottish smoked salmon w/ cream cheese, boiled egg & cress (as illustrated)
    • Smoked chicken w/ mango & micro herbs
    • Heritage tomato w/ buffalo mozzarella & pesto (as illustrated)
    • Cucumber & cream cheese (as illustrated)
    • Shrimp w/ baby leaves & Marie Rose sauce
    • Ahi tuna w/ lime & pickled tuna
    • Chargrilled Mediterranean vegetables w/ pesto & parmesan
    • Scottish smoked salmon w/ cream cheese, lemon & dill

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